The 24 Hour Outline Accelerator 



o More Relying Solely on Inspiration. No More Writing Prompts. No More Desperately Begging For Answers On Reddit, Quora, or other Writer’s Forums.

Just a Simple Framework.


I’d find myself writing consistently for a few days or weeks, followed by months of crippling Writer’s Block.

Because of this it would take me 6-14 months to finish even a single draft…


I found myself running into roadblock after roadblock, constantly getting stuck partway through a chapter or scene…


I had no idea how to tie all of my story threads together so my story was cohesive.


Even worse, my characters had no personalities, my dialogue was flat, and my pacing was all over the place…


Every draft required tons of extensive, made-me-want-to-yank-out-my-hair editing...


And then after all of that work, I would read the latest version of my manuscript with disgust, knowing it was still so far from where I wanted it to be.



I won the 2020 Tony Morrison Prize for Creative Writing along with a hefty cash award.


I got more full manuscript requests from top-tier agents in two months than the previous 2 years combined. Word got around, and I even had agents reaching out to me about my work…


Agents, editors, family, friends and beta readers showered me with praise, waxing poetic about my characters as if they were real flesh-and-blood people…


Most importantly, for once, I found myself riveted by my own writing, and actually proud of the story I had created!


What was my secret?

Developing my own, unique Ultimate StoryHacking Framework for writing novels, informed by my years working at some of the top literary agencies in NYC, being mentored by NYT Bestselling authors, and analyzing hundreds of stories to see what works and why.

“It’s like being handed the shortcut to writing a good story on a silver platter!”

–Everyone who writes their story using my framework instead of #strugglebus

Obviously, I can’t promise that you’ll read the book I’m about to give you and repeat my success. It took a lot of hard work, study, dedication, and banging my head against the keyboard a couple of times.


But it does work. 


And not just for me!

How Would Your Writing Life Change If Every Day Looked Like It Does For Many of My Clients?

Check out what my clients have to say...

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It Works Even If You’re a Hardcore Pantser
That HATES Structure


Transparency Time:


I was a Pantsing evangelist for over a decade, and many of my clients are natural pantsers as well.


Most of them get hives when they hear the word “structure.” That’s fine–it’s really about what using a framework can give them:


  • Not needing to rely on the feast-or-famine inspiration cycle

  • ​Motivation on-demand

  • ​Laser-focus

  • ​Certainty and excitement about where their story is heading

  • ​Freedom from frustration, confusion, doubt, and writing paralysis

  • ​Almost never getting stuck

  • ​Pride in the amazing story they’ve created

  • ​And of course, awards, critical acclaim, thousands and thousands of books sold, dozens of 5-star reviews, and a rabid fanbase of readers

So, as a survival mechanism for my sanity, I developed a little system for writing or revising a story even if you’ve never planned a novel out before using my own unique, proprietary writing techniques and strategies.


Using my framework, you should be able to knock out an outline in as little as 24 hours.


I reveal the full system in “The 24 Hour Outline” book. So even if you hate outlining, my framework will make the process easy, clear and enjoyable instead of making you want to yank your hair out.


Trust me, I (and many of my clients) had never outlined a book before in my life before using this system.


It works.


Every time.