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Struggling To Get Full Manuscript Requests?

Updated: 5 days ago

This Powerful, Neuroscience-Based Strategy Makes Your Query Irresistible

(And Gets You Responses 4-6x Faster)


I’m about to reveal some secrets that I previously only offered my $5,000+ fiction author clients.

The strategies I’m going to show you aren’t for everyone, and they’re going to take some elbow grease to put into action…

They're things I've learned from working at a couple of the best literary agencies in the country and from studying psychology and neuroscience (yes, I am a nerd, thanks for noticing :)).

But once you do I guarantee you will receive full manuscript requests from literary agents within 1 month of querying (assuming your sample pages aren’t atrocious). I’ve seen this work time after time like clockwork.

This is the inbox I used to handle queries back when I was in the trenches

The things I’m about to tell you you WON’T hear anywhere else.

There’s a million and one articles on the internet on how to write the “perfect” query letter.

I’ve read probably 98% of them.

And they all suck.

Most of them are written by people who’ve never actually queried themselves, or by authors who successfully got a literary agent. The latter seems like they’d have some valuable things to share, but what the author thinks got their agent interested in their novel, and what actually got them interested in their novel are often two different things.

Almost none of them have worked at some of the top literary agencies in the country, such as Sterling Lord Literistic, as I have.

I was the one going through the slushpile, sending out rejections, reading hundreds of queries a week, writing editorial letters and helping agents choose which authors to offer representation to.

So rather than regurgitate some paint-by-numbers, shallow BS advice like “personalize your query letter”....

I’m going to give you concrete, actionable strategies that my clients and I have personally used to “hack” the system.

If you want to go from lackluster query to one that grabs agents by the lapels and doesn’t let go, one that gets you dozens of full manuscript requests, keep reading.

Grab my “Query-Hacking Playbook” to see examples of queries that use this strategy. Then create your own and watch the manuscript requests roll in.


Perfecting a query for your latest fiction novel often feels like pulling teeth.

No matter what you try, your queries aren’t anywhere near compelling…

Or, worse, you may not even know how to start!

How can you possibly incorporate all the major details about your story in just 1-2 paragraphs?? There’s SO much that makes your novel great you can’t possibly fit it all.

There’s a reason, however, agents have authors write a query before they’ll look at their sample pages.

Because a query, being a pitch letter, is an exercise in how well you understand your story, and how well-constructed it is.

9/10 times bad query = lackluster story.

The reason you’re struggling with writing the query is because you haven’t approached your story with enough clarity and intention.

I know this because if you have clarity and intention writing the query is pretty simple and very doable.

It just requires you to A) intimately understand your character’s psychology B) have a juicy hook C) have a specific, meaningful conflict D) have high stakes E) have a concrete theme.

Note: This is what my Get Your Dream Agent ASAP program helps you do with your novel.

All of these are elements your story already contains IF it’s actually ready to be queried.

But, funnily enough, when I ask fiction authors these questions, or even to give a 4-5 sentence summary of their story, many can’t do it.

And they can’t BECAUSE their story is lacking one or more key elements, without which, writing the query will be next to impossible.

And a lot of people don’t know any of these key things about their story because they pantsed it (which is why I don’t recommend that).

So the first step is going back to your outline if you have one, and figuring out what elements A-E are for your novel.

If you don’t have an outline, re-read your story and write one, then do that.

I promise once you have these things in place writing the query will be a breeze.

I Used This Backwards Query Strategy To Get 4 Full Manuscript Requests In Less Than 2 Weeks

I did this myself, with a brand new New Adult romance I had just written (wasn’t necessarily planning on publishing it, but used it to test this strategy). The result? I got 4 full manuscript requests just two weeks after querying.